Prana Yoga Studio, Point Cook

Class Description

  • General Classes     Book Now

    General Classes are open for all. The class starts with opening chant and eye exercise. Asanas follow the chant. We will be doing Yoga Nidra after the Asana practice. Yoga Nidra (Deep Relaxation) – an ancient technique that releases stress and fatigue of the body and mind. You will feel completely refreshed and rejuvenated after the Yoga Nidra practice. Pranayama practice follows deep relaxation. We then finish the class with closing chant.

    During the classes, the benefit of the asanas will be explained along with the organs the asanas benefit. This improves the knowledge of the practitioner. Our students go out of the class with a good knowledge of yoga. They learn yoga as a life skill.


  • Bal Yoga(Kids Yoga)     Book Now

    Kids form ages 8 to 14 (Tween age!) can attend the classes. The class will be both fun filled and also have opportunity to advance faster in the asanas. Tweens learn really fast!

    Why Tweens? This is the age were children start to become opinionated and form their own ideas about life. This is also the age when the children act out of the Swadhistana chakra. So this is the time when they start getting more conscious of the opposite sex. There will be more peer pressure and is the beginning of emotional instability. Yoga will help bring emotional stability for the tweens. It will help them cope up with peer pressure. This is also the best age to start practicing the asanas so the flexibility carries through their life!