Prana Yoga Studio, Point Cook


What do I wear to yoga class?

Please wear comfortable and light clothing which you can move easily in.

How long before yoga class can I eat?

No less than 2 hrs.

What should I bring for the class?

Bring a yoga mat, a light blanket to cover yourself during relaxations, and a cushion to comfortably sit on.

I’m new to Yoga, can I come?

All levels and ages are welcome. Please go here for further information.
You can also register for one of our
8 week courses.

Can I come to class when I have my period?

It depends on how fit you are during these times. If you are comfortable, you can come to the class, but please let the instructor know in advance. It is advised that you refrain from inversions (shoulder stand etc.) and asanas that put pressure on your abdomen area during this time.


Studio Etiquette

  • Please remove your shoes on entering the.
  • Please enter and leave the studio quietly, being mindful of those still practicing.
  • Please make sure mobile phone is switched off before entering the studio.

Thank you!