Prana Yoga Studio, Point Cook

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Roopa Kanakasabapathy
Prana Yoga, Point Cook

My journey with yoga began as a teenager. From young age I have always felt that this is my path. Yoga gives me the strength to move on in hard times. Yoga and meditation has helped me to feel completely at peace with myself and the world around. When I see the same serene and peaceful look of my students at the end of my classes, I feel that I have taken the right path in transforming people’s lives to the better.

I completed Hatha Yoga training at Integral Yoga Institute in India. To further my knowledge in Yoga, I learnt therapeutic aspects of yoga under the guidance of an experienced Yoga Therapist Dr.Ganesh Babu. He not only fine-tuned my asana practice, but also gave me a good knowledge of cleansing Kriyas and their effects on the body. I have also done Childrens Yoga Teachers Training course at YogaFun Australia. Currently I am a Certified Yoga instructor and a Certified Yoga Therapist.

I first took up the yoga instructor role for children at Bala Samaskar Kendra, Point Cook, Victoria in 2011. From there, I moved on to teach Adults Yoga. I have taught Vasudeva Kriya Yoga under the guidance of Yoga Guru Rajendra Yenkanamoole. He has also been my mentor in the past year for spiritual advancement in Yoga and Meditation. I have also attended intensive yoga workshops run by International Yoga guru Francesca Bove and by Dominique.

My long term desire to share my passion with the wider community took shape in 2014. I started Prana Yoga Studio in early 2014. Currently, I take regular classes for Adults and Children. I also conduct Corporate Yoga for a Real Estate agency in Point Cook .